Elin Rønby Pedersen, PhD


General profile

Working in research, R&D and product strategy, Elin has repeatedly demonstrated an acute sense for technology opportunities created by users’ desires, capabilities, and experiences. She brings a unique combination of skills to the table: she architects and develops software; she observes people and translates the observations into innovations; and she also has a strong sense of design.

Backed by advanced degrees in Computer Science and Humanities, she has 20 years of experience working for leading US research labs, and she has done pioneering HCI (Human Computer Interaction) research, going beyond the confines of goal-oriented work at the desktop, making computing a vital and delightful part of our everyday lives. That includes a broad range of HCI themes:

  • Facile HCI, sketching and similar informal activity, using pens or hand gestures (Tivoli)
  • Social HCI, supporting social interaction and connectivity (Shared Tivoli, Casablanca, AROMA)
  • Mobile HCI, bringing computing beyond the desktop: handheld technology for sensory supplement (TactGuide), and mobile social awareness (Calls.calm)
  • Tangible HCI, instrumenting paper to interface digital contents and processes (Palette, PaperButton, client work)
  • Implicit HCI, creating interaction that requires neither premeditation, nor explicit monitoring (low-intentional and low-attentional), thus providing social and situational awareness to help social interaction (AROMA) and support memory (Firebird)

Patents and publications

Inventor of 9 issued patents and 5 pending patents, and author/co-author of numerous scientific papers in peer reviewed publications, i.e., book chapters, conference proceedings and journal articles. 

A thematic index to papers and patents (including links to local copies of papers) can be found at http://www.kraka.com/ElinPedersen/currPortfolio.html

a complete list of patents and publications is available at http://www.kraka.com/ElinPedersen/currPubl.html

And finally, a portfolio of interaction designs. mostly from the 90s, can be found at this address http://www.kraka.com/DesignPortfolio/index.html