Kraka is uniquely positioned to provide an integrated process of ethno-informed prototyping and technology-informed analysis of data from usage domains. And we do so with a thorough understanding of market reality.Two circles While many companies can provide either one of these services, few are able to give the client the benefit of their merge.

The list below should give a sense of the kind of services we have engaged in with our clients in the past. For each service we note the typical balance between prototyping efforts and ethnographic research.

Prototyping Ethnography

Concept Prototyping

Mock-ups and demos are powerful; they help us see the future and also detect problems in our visions - and they often provide insight in new opportunities.

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Prototyping technology interaction

Only the most trivial system can be designed before it is built! Most interesting systems need to evolve during development - and after deployment. Watching an emerging technology in the hands of users is a powerful source of inspiration, made possible by robust prototyping of the interaction design. See also the Interaction Design Portfolio

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Workflow analysis (ethno-style)

Insight into the ways people go about their everyday life and work provides invaluable input to the design of better technology. Ignorance can lead to massive design failure.

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Web-enhanced communication and communities

We apply a special paradigm when designing web-sites, making them into communication and community resources, rather than static display cases.

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Innovation workshops

Match user needs and desires with technology potentials. Discover product and service opportunities in "raw" technology

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Ethno-style surveys of users, work practices, markets

Help direct the design work by introducing even small data sets about prospective users and usage

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UITTL guidance

Support technology transfer and licensing with real user data from relevant markets. Use work flows insights to fine-tune technology opportunities. See also the UITTL page.